My dear Parents, I’m sure this is one of the important places in your journey as a Mom, but you are not sure of how to handle this. Trust me it is normal! There are many ways in dealing with this situation but all the ways are not the correct way. Sometimes the methods you use might damage the child in some way. In Montessori, we already know that we don’t train our child forcefully but help the child help himself.

Let’s wait until the Child is ready

Toilet training is something we need to help them gradually. We cannot force the child’s development phase. Remember that we have to help him ONLY WHEN THE CHILD IS READY.

Now how do we know whether the Child is ready for potty by himself

Here we always have to observe your Child’s Development. When the Child can control their body and that is the time they are ready for the toilet by themselves. There is a time that the child makes faces when he pees purpose. That shows that he is aware of what he has to do next. Gradually, then you can introduce him to the potty. I prefer you observe the times he wets himself and the time he does his big job.

Try avoiding asking him whether they want to go to the Toilet. This is because he does not know that he have to go to the potty until it’s gone

Always try and talk about potty whenever you are changing the nappy. I always tell my kids when you want to pee or poopoo you can use your potty’. Show him where the potty is. Rather than keeping it in the hallway of your house.   Set up the potty in the toilet and you can keep a small stool to make him comfortable to keep his legs. You can have two buckets. One is for clean undies and the other is for wet clothes. Maybe you can have some books too. According to your child’s age, you can assist your child in changing his clothes. If he is 12 months or 18 months the Child needs help. But the older kids can change by themselves. 

You can help him with the potty when he is 1 and a half years. I’ll tell you the best way to help him with this, avoid using Pampers at home. I know it’s double the work and it is messy. But we have to help our Child. So like I said before, avoid the pampers at home. Make your child wear a short or a pantie if your girl is wearing a frock. And when he pees he feels wet. And then you help him stay dry. And start-up small conversations as ‘ we should stay dry, and when we feel like pee we had to go to the potty.

Do not make him embarrassed in front of others when he wears himself. We are helping him to do it by himself. Avoid screaming and shouting when they make accidents and wet themselves. Don’t make it a big thing so that they feel it is wrong.

NO reward, NO punishments, NO timeouts

In the Montessori way of Potty Training, I do not encourage you to give any rewards, stickers, timeouts out maybe candy rewards. There is no such thing. Because the Child is learning just like he learns the other things. Don’t be excited and say ‘yeai you went to the potty and that’s a good job’. The child should know that it is a normal thing in the body.

Fear for potty

Sometimes your child will refuse to go potty during the process of potty training. My advice is to check whether everything is OK with the Child’s body. And then try going back to the pampers. And observe whether the child is doing his big job in the pampering. And if he does it in the pamper then it’s time to take a small break for the process. Never think that going back to the pamper is a failure in potty training your child. Potty training is a process that you have to take gradually. No matter how hard we as parents want our child to get potty trained if the child needs a break give him a break. He learns at his pace.

So parents, let’s not force our kids into anything rather waiting till they are ready and confident. I hope this is helpful to you. See you with another interesting Montessori way. See you with another beautiful topic @ToddlersTown

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