You must be wondering what this Spongy Mind is and what the Sensitive Period is. 

From birth to 6 years is a very important period in a child’s life. We call it the Sensitive Period of a child’s life. They absorb everything they see and hear regardless of good or bad. This is the time that the child absorbs a language. The Absorbent Mind is compared to a camera and also a sponge. The reason is the camera snaps all the objects in the place we need to capture, the sponge absorbs all the water that has been split. Regardless of good and bad the child’s Absorbent Mind during this Sensitive Period helps them capture everything they see, hear around them. Every second is a learning time for this absorbent mind. You can introduce as much as you can during this sensitive period. 

This Absorbent Mind is divided into two stages.

  • Unconscious Absorbent Mind (0-3)
  • Conscious Absorbent Mind (3-6)

Let’s see what is this Unconscious Absorbent Mind of your child

Unconscious Absorbent Mind is what The child has from the Mother’s womb to 3 years. This stage is very important. The child absorbs a language. This is the first time he hears words in a language and that is in the Mothers Womb. This is the reason when you talk the child responds. Every word you say he hears and absorbs. And when the child comes to this world you need to keep talking. And always make sure that he hears clean language. Because the child’s mind soaks everything in regardless of good or bad. Sometimes certain things will be erased from their memory at this stage. keep playing rhymes that will help the child grow rich.

Now let’s talk about the Conscious Absorbent Mind (3-6)

This is the next important stage of your toddler. This Conscious Absorbent Mind is from 3 years to 6 years. In this stage, your toddler will apply everything they learned to practice. At this stage, they need to experience in person what they have already grasp Unconsciously. The child will have the inner need to be independent. We as adults need to help them to do it by themselves. the child will imitate you or watch you doing some household work and he will repeat it later during the day. We as responsible parents and teachers have to introduce everything that is needed for them at this stage. For example colors, shapes, numbers, sounds, good habits that will help them form their future, etc. 

This Absorbent Mind is very Powerful. This we call the foundation of a person’s life. It is our responsibility to lay a very strong foundation in a child’s life for a rich future.

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