What kind of an attitude do you have in punishing your child when he/she does something wrong. 

There is always a unique way in the Montessori Method in handling situations. Montessori Method isn’t strict or giving freedom for the toddler to do whatever they want. It’s a method that keeps the child in the center and handling a child without hurting his/her development.

So let’s go through some ways and experiences which will help you correct your child. 


So generally young kids do get stubborn and throw tantrums. You need to be very careful because the more you take it personally the more you tend to react. The reaction will be yelling at them for sure. But it’s a very big NO. When the child is stubborn and throws a tantrum the 1st thing is to make the child calm. As a Montessori Teacher, I had a child a 4-year-old when I met her. No one was able to handle her moods. She cries n screams and disturbs others in the class. In the beginning, I used to go and talk to her. She use to pull my hair and clothes but I was very calm. So later I realized that-leaving her with 2 options like when you feel your ready you can come and do some work. As Parents, we need to communicate in a very calm tone. You must be wondering whether it worked. YES, IT DID. The child may be going through some emotional issues if it happens in your classroom.

Do not bribe

Bribing does not work. It is because the child will keep expecting someone to give or do something for them so they can stop what they are doing. For example, if your child is not arranging the toys and you want her to arrange the toys, you cannot bribe her by saying you arrange the place I’ll give you a piece of cake or whatever she likes. You need to always be calm but firm in what you want her to do. Do not raise the voice but just be firm and stick to what u want them to do. It is not dominating them but teaching her to listen to adults and good behavior.

The chair

This Chair is a special Chair which I suggest is kept in a corner or in a place where you can see your Toddler. When your Toddler does not listen for example he pulls the chairs out of the table and making the place mess. You got to say the chairs have to be pushed inside when they are not been used. If he did not listen after saying several times you lead him into the chair. And say when you are ready you can get up and put the chairs inside. Sometimes the child might not listen but you somehow be tactful to communicate pass the message to him. Remember you got to be calm but firm. 


This works really well. If the child is not attending to what you say just say ‘ I’m counting up to 10’ when the child is used to this counting method n in a later stage you don’t have to tell him that you are counting. You just start counting. And for sure he will follow what he is supposed to do. In case if he did not do lead him to the chair.

So these few suggestions are very simple and not harsh. There is another piece of advice I want to give you. Don’t always say no to children. Always don’t stop or limit them. Then their behaviors will be not normal. That is the reason sometimes parents cannot handle the child in front of a stranger. That is because their world has been limited and they know that parents won’t treat them in front of strangers.

I hope it was helpful to you. 

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