To fulfill a child’s inner needs there should be a Prepared Environment. This Environment is specially Prepared for the child of 21/2 to 6 years of age. Parents are encouraged to enter their child into a Prepared Environment at the age of 21/2. So this Special Environment is called The Montessori Environment. 

Montessori environment

As we learned in one of the Toddlers Town articles Spongy Mind and the Sensitive Period 0-6 is the foundation period of a child’s life. The seeds we sew in our child during this age are far more important because it is called the Foundation. 

This Prepared Montessori Environment provides the child what they need. It fulfills the child’s inner need. Sometimes the home environment fails to provide and understand the child’s needs. 

Speciality of prepared environment

This Environment is a Child-Centered Environment with a mixed age group of children with Trained Adults. Everything in this Environment is Child’s Size. e.g. jugs, cups, trays, mops, broomsticks, hooks to hang their bags, sinks, commodes, racks where the materials are placed are all child’s size. The Environment is full of possibilities that help the child to be independent. All the materials are scientific and they serve a different purpose. Each material has a way to present and handle them. When the child comes into this Prepared Environment he finds that everything fits his size and 2 well-trained adults to help them. The elder children are ready to help the younger children and they learn to care about each other. They learn from each other. The elder children are being assisted by adults at times and take responsibility. This Prepared Environment is a very calm place where children develop patience, control of their voice and movements, respect the material and each other. 

The prepared environment at home

Well, why not….. You always can have a separate Prepared Environment for your child at home. But make sure the place is neat and everything is child’s size. If you are an AMI Montessori trained mother there is no issue in using the scientific materials because you know how to handle them. But if you are not an AMI-trained mother I prefer you send the child to a Montessori Environment. Remember you always can get materials that help him develop his skills and if you are not a Montessori Trained.

Prepare a place for your child and keep all the materials which he does in that place. Encourage your child to keep it neat. Let’s help your child help themselves.

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