Colouring is a very beautiful activity which Children love. If you have observed a child who is 2 years old though they cannot colour a picture they use colours to scribble. So colouring is an all-time favourite activity for the kids. The colouring looks like a fun-filled activity but it helps the child develop himself on a larger scale.

Motor Skills

The child learns to hold the colour stick using 3 fingers. The child uses the 3 fingers during Exercises of Practical Life Activities and he will put that to work when colouring. In the beginning, the child will be finding it a bit difficult to hold the colour stick but when he gets it to do often he will be comfortable.

The child develops wrist muscle movements when he is colouring. The child may have to turn the picture and hand it accordingly when colouring.

Eye-hand Coordination

Children are encouraged in coloring because it is a great activity to develop eye-hand coordination. The child will have to colour within the lines. And the more he practices it the more control he will be when colouring.


Children are encouraged to do free colouring or colour a shape. It is amazing the creativity they show. They use different colours that are very attractive. The child will be able to use their own will and imagination.

Stress reliever

Colouring is also given when the child has had a busy day. Just to make him relaxed and not be harsh on himself.

Adults always can give the large pictures at the beginning and then as they improve adults can give them colouring sheets which the child has few options.