There are plenty of activities that you can give to your child. Sometimes you also could create new activities if you discover that the child is bored with the given works. As soon as the child enters the Montessori Environment after the Preliminary Activities, we introduce Activities call Exercises of Practical Life. From the name itself, you will know that these are activities that they see day to day in their home environment.

So, let us see what the exercises of practical life activities are

These are activities the child meets at home every day. They see what their parents doing and are familiar with it.

  • Pouring water from jug to jug
  • Pouring Grains
  • Spooning
  • Sponging
  • Cutting Leaves or fruits

There are child-sized materials kept neatly and the purpose of the materials are visible. They will have small trays, jugs, knives that are not sharp but sharp enough for them to cut fruits or leaves or vegetables. You can always prepare some grains for spooning and pouring.

  • Mop the Floor
  • Sponging
  • Sweep the Floor
  • Using the dustpan and brush
  • Cleaning the Window
  • Watering Plants.

All these Activities help him to be aware of the cleanliness of his environment. You can keep a child-size mop, broomstick, dustpan, brush and, etc.

  • Fold Napkins
  • Dressing Frames
  • wash hands
  • Using a Nail Brush
  • Using the Toilet alone
  • Brushing Teeth

These help him to become independent. He does not have to wait for you. Yes, you must wait until you think he is confident enough to do it by himself.

How can I do it at home

I prefer it as a game. Make it more interesting. You can get their help to do housework. But make sure everything is prepared for your child to do what u asked to. We do not force and tell him to do. But create a situation that the child willingly comes and joins you. I will give you some tips.

During lunch – Prepare small plate spoons or slices of bread and butter so he can apply to the bread by himself or eat rice by himself.

Folding clothes – You can give them small napkins so he will fold it

Waring child’s clothes – After a shower, you can just show the child how to dress child undoes, shorts and, etc. He will not do it properly, but practice will make him perfect.

Visitors – You can get his help to set up the dinner table and set up the beds.

Cooking time – You can give them some vegetables so he will help you in cutting.

You can just think of a very simple way that you can get your child involved in. By doing these he will,

  • not be uncontrollable
  • He will not be distracted
  • Your child will have self-confident

Sometimes you need to be a little bit tricky. For example, to mop the floor you can spill some water in the absence of your child and get his help to clean it.

Always remember that,

  • we do not expect a perfect result by him helping us.
  • The child might take a long time to finish it, remember the child gradually masters the skill.

Your child needs your help to develop all his skills. Instead of sitting in front of a tab. it will be more helpful for a child to be active, busy, and feel like the child’s a part of the family.  

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