About Us

“Pathway to Wisdom”

We, at Toddlers Town, thrive to create a safe, nurturing, and empowering learning environment, where the child is free to move around, explore and grow.

Our prime goal is to create a level playing field in education.  Every child has potential; to find it is our responsibility.  The potential is a wonderful resource that should never be wasted.  Discovering what you are good at is like getting all the keys to a happy and fulfilling life early.  Dreams that become ambitions, and the skills and ability to think that are formed as we seek to pursue these, give shape and meaning to the way we see ourselves and interact with others. 

To pitch young people into a narrow competitive environment that dispenses with their creativity in pursuit of a narrow set of skills that are observable, testable under exam conditions is limiting. Then to make that the final arbiter framing their life changes is wrong and a waste of precious resources.  No one knows what tomorrow’s world will want from its young people; the economists can’t agree from one week to the next. The creative, the innovative, the single-minded, the kind, the loyal, the rebellious, the myriad of personalities and characters that make up the future’s mix need a broader and more inclusive approach.  So, we do not select on ability, but on the promise and expectation that each young person contributes to our community positively.