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We, at Toddlers Town, thrive to create a safe, nurturing and empowering learning environment, where the child is free to move around, explore and grow.

What We're All About

Our prime goal is to create a level playing field in education.  Every child has potential; to find it is our responsibility.  The potential is a wonderful resource that should never be wasted.  Discovering what you are good at is like getting all the keys to a happy and fulfilling life early.  Dreams that become ambitions, and the skills and ability to think that are formed as we seek to pursue these, give shape and meaning to the way we see ourselves and interact with others.


Learn Something Every Day

Toddlers Town Montessori and Early Learning Group. We deliver a Montessori Education Program for ages 0-6 that nurtures confident, courageous, and independent learners. Join our Montessori learning community today.

Nathaliya Perera
Our Vision

Who We Are

“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.” -Doctor Maria Montessori

At Toddlers Town, our guiding philosophy is to nurture the uniqueness of each child while respecting their individual, cultural, and family background. We do this through positive interactions with our students, their families, and our team. We show evidence of this through our Montessori education program, the structure of our educational teams, and through our prepared learning environments.

we understand that children learn in different ways, and at different paces. This is why we personalise our educational approach to suit each child. We believe that the prepared environment is the ideal classroom for learning and that it activates a love of learning through curiosity, stability, and the freedom to choice. We view early education as an aid and a preparation for life. This guides our holistic approach to children’s learning and wellbeing.